<span>UNITED</span><br />Insurance Services!

What happens if
your parachute
doesn’t open?

Or insurance denies your claim?
United Insurance Services rescues you from impossible situations.

<span>BETTER</span><br />than a parachute!

Lifeboat spring
a leak?

A gap in your coverage can work the same way.
We’ll make sure you’ve got exactly what you need–no holes

<span>SAFER</span><br />than a lifeboat!

Will your coverage
keep you dry?

Don’t get stuck with the
wrong protection.

We’ll make sure your insurance matches your risks.

<span>STRONGER</span><br />than an umbrella

Why Choose United?

Experience, Variety, Service, Support, Mediation, Accessibility, Relationship, Independence, Respect, Reputation..


Our founder and president, Bill Watson has more than 35 years in the insurance industry as a Audit & Loss Inspector, Multi-line Adjuster, Independent Agent, Claims Manager and Broker, giving our clients an edge in insurance matters.

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Client Stories

We understand a claim is a stressful event, which is why we focus so much attention on client advocacy.

How does client advocacy make a difference?

Direct writers say they’ll save you an average of 15% on premiums, but it can end up costing you much more when claims arise without an insurance expert to mediate for you.
Client Stories

Insurance Articles

Not all insurance agents are created equal

It’s a good idea to shop around for the best product and the best agent, just as you would for anything else. Insurance is your protection against unexpected tragedies and you don’t want unexpected results. United Insurance Services brings together the knowledge, experience and a proven track record to provide you with something moreā€”an extraordinary […]