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It’s a good idea to shop around for the best product and the best agent, just as you would for anything else. Insurance is your protection against unexpected tragedies and you don’t want unexpected results.

United Insurance Services brings together the knowledge, experience and a proven track record to provide you with something more—an extraordinary insurance experience. A free consultation will provide a review of your risk, a written quote and recommendations to improve your current plan and provide affordable security. The agents are more than salespeople. They provide exceptional service and personal attention long after the sale. The entire agency is committed to solving any problem that may arise.

As an independent insurance agency and broker, United Insurance Services brings together specialists in different areas of insurance. One claims specialist is a licensed adjuster with 20 years of actual claims experience in investigating, negotiation, and settlement of property, bodily injury, auto, and workers’ compensation claims in South and North Carolina. This provides a unique advantage for clients.

United’s commercial specialists understand the principles of risk management and can suggest strategies that may reduce insurance cost.

Specialists in personal home, auto and other products have a cross-section of experience working for direct writers and are here to help you.

United’s health specialists stay current on the changing health laws and their effect on employers and employees. They not only present recommendations to provide a good, affordable plan to attract and retain good employees, but they also have the experience to assist with frustrating claims and billing problems that occur.

Clients are the most important assets at United Insurance Services. Our staff works hard and promises to provide an extraordinary insurance experience!

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A local printer had a mechanical breakdown of one press, which caused the loss of jobs that could only be done with this press. The machine itself would fall under “mechanical breakdown,” but just getting the press repaired would do nothing for the loss of income sustained by the owner.

Business interruption or loss of income is provided under some policies to take care of such an occurrence, however to activate this coverage, the insured must prove an actual loss of income over a specified period of time. The adjuster was concerned only with the amount of income the insured had lost over this period.

In this case, we were able to help the insured show that due to the specialization of the printer, jobs were lost and the income from those jobs went to other print shops. Because the printer was so specialized the jobs couldn’t be done on any other machine in the insured’s shop, the adjuster was able to see that there was a loss of income that was not totally reflected by the amount of money the insured had made. The claim was settled with regard to the special situation.

The insured was so pleased with the outcome that when he sold his business and later started another one in a different industry, he looked to us to write the coverage.

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A small contractor felt as though his account had been pushed to the side. It always took a long time to receive certificates of insurance for jobs he was bidding, and he couldn’t get anyone to help with his workers comp audit.

But it hadn’t always been like that. When he had first chosen his old insurance agency, he did so because of a recommendation. For a long time, he was pleased with the service. Then things started to change.

One day he called his agency and received an automated menu instead of a familiar voice. He had no idea his agency’s book of business (which included his account) had been sold to a bank. He only knew his account manager wasn’t there anymore and neither was the personal touch.

After several months of this, he started shopping for another agency. We became his agent of record, helping him with his workers comp audit and finding him better coverage with competitive rates.

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A salesman for one of our insured businesses had taken his car to get the oil changed and left it while the service was being performed. When he returned to pick up his car, he noticed someone had backed into the driver’s side door. He filed a claim. The company performing the service and their insurance carrier refused to pay the claim, because the company denied responsibility for the damage.

Our insured’s insurance carrier made several attempts to get reimbursed. Reimbursement would have removed the chargeable claim from our insured’s policy; however the company that performed the service and their insurance carrier were adept at stonewalling all attempts to collect for the damage. Since it would have cost more to get an attorney, our insured’s carrier closed the file.

At this point, we were able to help. This was a bailment situation—our insured vehicle was in the care custody control of the company who changed the oil. In a bailment situation, the company performing the service would have to prove they took care of the car while in their custody. Being that the car was damaged, they couldn’t do that.

Armed with this knowledge, the insured was able to recover the damage in small claims court without an attorney. His premium did not go up.

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Angie wasn’t even one of our clients at the time we helped her with her claim, but her husband, Bob, was. Angie was involved in an automobile accident that wasn’t her fault, but the adjuster wanted to settle for less than the value of her car. Since her captive agent and the adjuster both worked for her insurance carrier, she felt there wasn’t much she could do.

When her husband asked us for our advice, we spoke with the adjuster on the couple’s behalf. They reached a higher settlement, and shortly thereafter we became her insurance agent too.

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Cindy decided to leave our agency to use a direct writer that saved her around 15% on her car insurance (hey, all of us try to save money where we think we can). But unfortunately, she was involved in an automobile accident where her car was totaled, and her insurance carrier refused to pay her full replacement value for her car. The amount she stood to lose on her car was significantly greater than what she saved on her premium.

Not knowing where else to turn, she called us and asked for help. We were happy to oblige. Cindy received the full replacement value of her car and returned as a client.